The One Pot Chef’s Top Ten Money Saving Tips

The One Pot Chef’s top ten list to saving money in the household budget.

The One Pot ChefSee what David aka ‘The One Pot Chef‘ from the The One Pot Chef Show has to contribute when it comes to saving money in the kitchen. The One Pot Chef Show has been sharing the best traditional and classic recipes with us since 2007. In this video The One Pot Chef has put together his top ten money saving tips.

Tip One – Make a list of EVERYTHING in your kitchen cupboards.
Tip Two – Make a “Food Planner” diary.
Tip Three – Do grocery shopping at night.
Tip Four – Buy in bulk.
Tip Five – Reuse and recycle.
Tip Six – Get a slow cooker or crock pot.
Tip Seven – Change the way you eat.
Tip Eight – Start saving coins.
Tip Nine – Change your light bulbs.
Tip Ten – Ask for discounts.

7 thoughts on “The One Pot Chef’s Top Ten Money Saving Tips

  1. Stephanie

    Reuse and recycle is a great message all the way around! On the subject of light bulbs, energy efficient ones are always a money saver but also have your electrical system checked if you go through more bulbs than you thing you should.

    1. Stephanie

      No problem, Brian. A voltage test needs to be done at an outlet or the panel to determine if an electrical problem exists.

  2. Kim Rawks

    Buy in bulk! Ah, college days and the mega-cases of ramen noodles! 🙂 I wonder if the “do your shopping at night” has to do with never shopping when you’re hungry?

      1. Kim Rawks

        Well, I stay away from Sam’s. I’m more of a Costco girl. Same thing, though, if you avoid the 300-count beef jerky barrels LOL.


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