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When Should We Pay For A Gym Membership?

gym$I bet a lot of people would think my short answer for when to buy a gym membership would be never but we’re a lot more complicated than that.

I would say, generally, it’s perfectly okay to pay for a membership to your local gym if we can say yes to “all” of the following questions:

  1. Have you been exercising consistently several times a week for at least six months?
  2. Do you have four to six months of family income in a separate and accessible account for an emergency fund?
  3. Have you paid off every credit card and interest bearing loan except your home?
  4. Do you have a few hours of free time each week that you can, and will, dedicate to the gym?

If we can say “yes” to those four simple questions I would say we are in great shape to join the gym. Now don’t use this advice as a reason not to workout. As long as it’s physically safe for you to do so, you can and should exercise at home. You can get a very nice workout without forking out a dime on expensive exercise equipment or gym membership fees. Let’s get into shape both financially and physically.

Photo Credit: Flickr – twicepix