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Sunday Newspaper – One Of The Best Deals Around

Sunday morning newspaper savingsIn our house, one of our Sunday morning rituals is sitting down with the Sunday newspaper (print version) and planning our shopping circle. (More on the shopping circle in a later post – don’t forget to subscribe).

Personally, I find very little value in the actual paper itself. I get the news on TV, my phone and on the web much faster. I do feel good about how full it makes my recycle bin look – after I keep some for packaging and cleanup.

Our local Sunday newspaper, the Detroit Free Press, is just like every other newspaper in America – stuffed full of flyers, ads and coupons. The picture above is the actual newspaper we used last Sunday. We look at all the best values in our area using the fliers, matched with our shopping list that we built with <a title=”Save Money Grocery Shopping And Stop Over Spending With E-Mealz” href=”http://hotmoneytips.com/save-with-emealz”>e-mealz* and select our stores.

The Shopping System

Once we have our grocery list and stores picked we get to the fun part – coupon clipping. Along with the electronic coupons, (again, subscribe for that future post) we find coupons for as many items as we can that are already on our shopping list.

I know many people will make their list from the coupons they find but that doesn’t work for us. I’m not an expert but we don’t want the marketing of coupons to dictate our grocery list.

The Coupon Savings

We will save a little by deciding which stores to shop and even more from the coupons. We try to use both manufacture and store coupons. In last Sunday’s Detroit Free Press there was a total of $339 of coupon savings. Of course we use only a fraction of that but we save enough to make the $1.50 expense a no-brainer.

Do You Clip The Coupons?

Are you a coupon clipping nut too? Are you taking advantage of the Sunday coupons? What’s your system? Comment below.

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Getting The Most From The Men’s Wearhouse

My brother-in-law is getting married in April (Congratulations Shawn and Tina) and I’m going to need a tux. We’re renting them through The Men’s Wearhouse, Inc. and by registering online I’m saving an instant $30.

The Perfect Fit Program by The Men's WearhouseThe Men’s Wearhouse Perfect Fit Program

By registering for The Men’s Wearhouse® Perfect Fit® program you will receive these perks:

  • $50 rewards certificate for every $500 you spend
  • $30 off every tuxedo rental
  • Free shipping for all online purchases
  • Advance notice of sales throughout the year

Mens Wearhouse Promo Code Search

Search online for “<em>Mens Wearhouse Promo Code” and you can easily find up to 50% OFF Coupons and promotions. These promos change frequently so I won’t link to them.

Men’s Wearhouse Newsletter

Be sure to subscribe to the Men’s Wearhouse newsletter for even more exclusive savings, special offers, and style tips.

Linking Out

While researching this post I found this nice Hub page by my Twitter friend Sok @SavingWithSok with SavingWithSok.com: How to Get More Savings with Promo Codes for Men’s Wearhouse

Legal stuff: I am not currently an affiliate and no affiliate links were used in this blog post but I do use them throughout the site with other products and programs not related to The Men’s Wearhouse.

Men’s Wearhouse® and Perfect Fit® are registered trademarks of The Men’s Wearhouse, Inc.

No lamb’s wool or fabric was harmed during the writing of this article.

Save Money Grocery Shopping And Stop Over Spending With E-Mealz

We’ve been using the *E-Mealz menu planning system; for about a year now so I decided to finally blog about it. E-Mealz has literally saved us hundreds of dollars on our grocery bills. It saves us money, it frees up time, we eat healthier and we now have a wider range of dinner options than ever before. How’s that for an endorsement? I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about E-mealz. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s only $5 a month! (Subscribe to our newsletter for subscriber only tips and savings to save even more).

Getting The Most From E-Mealz:

When you combine E-mealz with coupons the savings can be huge. With weekly meal planning to this degree you can also search for and plan other savings such as sale items and coupons. To me, it’s the organized meal planning that makes this system the best available. The time saving alone is worth the small $5/month investment.

Now let me brag about my wife Kim for a second. She is absolutely hands down the best cook I’ve ever seen. She can take almost anything out of the kitchen and turn it into the best meal you’ve ever eaten. But we all have limitations. She has a very large list of ‘regular meals’ she use to make but… we’ve been married for over 27 years and that’s a lot of cycles. What E-Mealz has done for us is help that list of menu options grow to an unlimited number. It’s actually pretty exciting to try new meals every week while eating healthy and inexpensive dinners.

Tip – Mixing It Up

My wife and I don’t always use the exact menu every week. We have been members for a long time so we have a bunch of previous menus stored on our computer. If we see something with broccoli (yuck!), for example, we simply go into our past menus and pick a different meal to replace that day’s dinner.

E-Mealz Options:

E-Mealz offers a wide variety of options for stores and menus.

  1. Current store options for E-Mealz menus are Aldi, Kroger, PublixU, Walmart, Ralphs as well as an ‘any store’ option.
  2. Meal menu options for E-Mealz are regular menu, the Points System Meal Plan, Low-Carb, Low Fat and even Vegetarian.
  3. You can plan your weekly meals with either a Family Meal Plan or a Meal Plan for two.
  4. E-Mealz also has holiday dinner and vacation menu options.


*Start Saving On Your Grocery Bill Today!

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