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Corporate Christmas Gifts Just For The Asking

AT&T Christmas ornamentThis morning, Christmas Eve, I decided I wanted a little corporate gift from the utility Santa. I thought a little experiment was in order and it was just a matter of a few phone calls.

First I called my energy company, DTE, and asked for a Christmas gift. It turns out DTE isn’t in the cheery Christmas mood because they wouldn’t budge. No worries, only a few minutes of time wasted.

Next on the list was AT&T. Jackpot! With almost no haggling and only three transfers I got a $50 credit on our next bill. Merry Christmas AT&T!

Next was our satellite company, Direct TV. Not exactly a jackpot but I did walk away with free Showtime and HBO for three months with the purchase of Cinemax for twelve bucks. Not bad, three premium channels for 90 days at just $36. Thanks Direct TV but you just get a Happy Holidays.

I’m not finished yet, I still have a couple calls to make but I was so excited I just had to get this posted. So give it a try, call your utility companies and ask for a Christmas gift, you just may be surprised at the response.