Save On Groceries With Per-Meal Planning

Meijer - feed four under fifty dollarsOne way to keep your grocery bill under control is to budget in a daily or per-meal dollar limit. If you can plan just $5 or $10 per dinner and become a coupon guru when buying staples you can see some pretty big savings.

One of the problems with eating cheap, traditionally, has been quality and nutrition. The lack there of, that is. Our children are grown so it’s just me and my wife at home now so we can easily eat every night on ten dollars or less but we want to eat healthy too. In fact, a local pizza place has been offering two medium, two item pizzas for 10 bucks for a very long time. They have great pizza but that’s not exactly a healthy diet.

You can see from the picture above that even Meijer grocery store has taken notice of the per-dinner budgeting trend and used it in their marketing this week. They used the trend in a two page spread in their ad paper.

Two of my Twitter friends offer daily help for those wanting to learn about per meal dinner budgeting. Both do an awesome job and you should follow both pros.

Renae with Well balanced meals for a family of 4 for ten dollars or less! Every day. Every recipe. Not to mention, much healthier than fast food.

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Erin Chase with Erin makes dinner for her family every night for $5 or less! She’ll show you how to prepare healthy meals using natural and wholesome ingredients!
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Any per day or per meal planning grocery tips? We’d love to hear them.

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4 thoughts on “Save On Groceries With Per-Meal Planning

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  2. Sire

    I reckon a great way to save some money and eat better at the same time is to grow your own vegetables. I’ve just started doing that again and so far the tomatoes are the only thing ready but they are so much more tastier than you can get at the shops.

    I’ve been making my sauce for years as well as my own wine. The money I’m saving by doing that, even though I by the tomatoes and grapes from someone else, is amazing.

      1. Sire

        And at a dollar a litre very cheap too. I’ve just picked a kilo of tomatoes from garden and they are delicious. They don’t taste like that when you buy them from the shops, that’s for sure.


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