Number One New Year Resolution – Pay Down That Home Loan

2011 New Year In New YorkI’ve spent most of the day blogging around finance sites and, of course, New Year’s resolutions are at the top of the subject right now. Paying down home mortgages is a huge goal this time of year.

I’m on an accelerated payment plan right now that pays the house off in 12 more years (15 years total on a $150,000 loan).

Big Blessing: December the first I was blessed with an early Christmas present when I learned my winter property taxes dropped drastically. So much that now my payments are $130/month less.

The Plan: What to do with that savings? Hummm, you guessed it, I’m tossing that into principle payments to knock out this home mortgage even sooner.

Want More? More on the accelerated payment plan soon, you’ll be very interested in the benefits with this tactic if you are not already familiar with it.

A Year Later: What does a Pro Blogger make for his New Years Resolution

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