Fiverr – Inexpensive Outsourcing For Your Business

fiverr.comNeed inexpensive outsourcing solutions for your business? Need a professional looking logo? A business card designed? How would you like to save big on video editing or online marketing? Trying to get a nice start on your social media campaign? You can do all this and much more for just five dollars with

Fiverr is a very popular website that allows people to buy and sell unique products and services for only five dollars. You can be the buyer and save money on outsourcing your business projects or you can earn a little extra cash by selling your own talents.

I have personally used fiverr a couple dozen times and I don’t have a single complaint. I always check the seller’s rating and feedback comments and I’m very happy with the results so far. In fact, I just hired a fiverr member to design a cool logo for Hot Money Tips and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

6 thoughts on “Fiverr – Inexpensive Outsourcing For Your Business

  1. Stephanie

    The ‘$5. revolution’ is what I’ve heard it called, with fiverr clones popping up everywhere. Although the site does have a larger amount of silly stuff, a lot of what offered is worth so much more than $5! You can really get some great work done there!

  2. Brian Post author

    It’s true Stephanie, I’ve been very lucky so far, especially with the graphics. I had a unique cartoon drawn for another website that would have cost a couple hundred dollars anywhere else.

  3. Kim Rawks

    I’m having some pretty good luck there making a few extra dollars. If I could give one piece of advice to sellers it would be not to waste too much time with hagglers. Yes! There are people who will spend vast amounts of time trying to get more from you than what you are offering for $5.00 – then will get nasty when you stick to your guns!

  4. Brian Post author

    I can imagine that happening Kim, I’m sure Fiverr attracts a lot of people like that. That’s something to consider for those thinking about becoming a seller. I’m planning to do so myself.

  5. Jennifer D.

    Sex sells on fiverr. It seems the most successful gigs are the ones where hot girls hold up “fan signs” for websites and/or give video testimonials for a site or product. There is certainly no value to these beyond a novelty for the business/site owner. Still, any reasonably attractive girl with poster board and a felt tip pen can pay the rent each month on Fiverr. πŸ™‚

  6. Fiverr Clones

    Sex sells on fiverr. Lol, Jennifer. But sure that this can be great oppotunity, right. Launched in February 2010, currently offers more than 75,000 services ranging from marketing, technology and advertising support to fitness, nutrition and fashion advice. Any service you can imagine sells on for a quick, non-negotiable US$5 – it’s a quirky place for a quick bargain.


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