Comment Policy

I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave a legitimate comment on my blogs and I reward them with search engine friendly link back. Call it “Do-Follow” or “Link Love” or just being courteous. I also try to visit comment poster’s site to see who is finding our site.

U COMMENT I FOLLOW I have added the DoFollow WordPress plugin. This plugin disables the automatic rel=”nofollow” attributes added to external links so the search engines can follow the links to external sites including those that post comments. I’m a big believer in credit where credit is due but please don’t abuse it. Anything short of a meaningful content contribution will be deleted right away. (See below)

Links: One or two links are permitted in the comment body if they are relevant to the original post’s subject and are not affiliate links. No signature lines please. We also have the CommentLuv WordPress plugin installed for our commenters.

Caution: If you plan on commenting purely for the link value and not to contribute to the discussion your comment will be deleted. If you leave keywords instead of your name your comment will be deleted automatically. Please don’t leave some lame comment like, “I love your site”, “Nice Post” or “Nice site” and expect it to stay there. I will happily delete it and feel good about it!That’s called comment spam and it’s not welcome here.

I reserve the right to delete OR EDIT a link from any comment or to delete any comment all together if I feel it’s comment spam or if you lace your comment with profanity. I reserve the right to edit comments to remove abusive or offensive language but it would have to be pretty bad for that to happen.

Fighting Back With LowLifeSpammer.comNOTE TO COMMENT SPAMMERS: All comments are moderated and hand approved. If you leave comment spam on our blog, I will delete it altogether or I may edit the link and/or comment. Your link you be changed to for others to see. Your IP and email address will be publicly displayed and published for everyone to see. Any public or private information about your lowlife website/business will be publicly published. Consider your actions very carefully.