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Valentine’s Day Promotion – Rent 2 Movies & Get 1 Free

Redbox Valentine's Day Promotion - Rent two movies and get one freeJust a quick money tip good for the next couple of weeks; Redbox just launched a Valentine’s Day special that gives you a free movie rental when your rent two.

How To Get The Redbox Promo Codes

When you rent two movies from a Redbox kiosk you will see a place to enter your email address. Type in your email and after checkout Redbox will send you a unique promo code for a free DVD rental. You can do this as many times as you like until Valentine’s Day (February 14th), there is no limit. Get more details here.

See how to get a free DVD movie rental every week: Cheap Home Entertainment With Redbox

Prepare and File Your 2011 Federal Income Taxes Free

IRS Free File ProgramIs your 2010 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) $58,000 or less *(Check your Adjusted Gross Income from last year’s tax return)? Consider saving a little money and use the IRS Free File program. Taxpayers can prepare and file their federal income tax returns using commercial online software provided by the Free File Alliance companies.

Free File is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there’s nothing to download. The software stays on the Free File company website and you file your tax return there. Grab your tax return from last year, your W-2s, 1099s and other tax documents and head over to

*According to the IRS, 70% of all taxpayers have an AGI of $58,000 or less.

Cheap Home Entertainment With Redbox

DVD RentalYou’ve seen the big red kiosks in your local grocery store or even McDonalds. Redbox has about 24,900 of these cool machines. You pick from a list of new release movies, slide your debit card (we hate credit cards here) and the automated machine slips the DVD into your hand. It truly is the fully-automated video store experience.

Just A Dollar A Day:

Of course if Redbox was expensive we wouldn’t be writing about it but, wow, just a dollar a day? Hey, use that dollar you saved by not buying that lottery ticket.

Watch A Free Redbox Movie Free Every Month:

If you sign up to receive text alerts from Redbox they’ll send you a promo code each month for a free DVD rental. As if it wasn’t already cheap enough, am I right? To get text alerts just text the word REDBOX to 727272.

Follow Redbox On Facebook:

If you ‘like’ the Redbox Facebook fan page you won’t miss their special promotions and sweepstakes.

There you go, another fantastic quick money tip from Don’t ya just love us?

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Corporate Christmas Gifts Just For The Asking

AT&T Christmas ornamentThis morning, Christmas Eve, I decided I wanted a little corporate gift from the utility Santa. I thought a little experiment was in order and it was just a matter of a few phone calls.

First I called my energy company, DTE, and asked for a Christmas gift. It turns out DTE isn’t in the cheery Christmas mood because they wouldn’t budge. No worries, only a few minutes of time wasted.

Next on the list was AT&T. Jackpot! With almost no haggling and only three transfers I got a $50 credit on our next bill. Merry Christmas AT&T!

Next was our satellite company, Direct TV. Not exactly a jackpot but I did walk away with free Showtime and HBO for three months with the purchase of Cinemax for twelve bucks. Not bad, three premium channels for 90 days at just $36. Thanks Direct TV but you just get a Happy Holidays.

I’m not finished yet, I still have a couple calls to make but I was so excited I just had to get this posted. So give it a try, call your utility companies and ask for a Christmas gift, you just may be surprised at the response.

Free Whopper At Burger King In Exchange For A Phone Survey

Burger King Whopper and Chicken SandwichBurger has been offering the free Whopper survey for several years now. I actually blogged about it back then and I can’t believe it’s still available. The program has changed slightly but you can still save a little money by taking a short phone survey. The offer and survey information is printed on the back of the receipt whenever you purchase a menu item from the fast food restaurant.

You will need to purchase fries and a drink to get the free Whopper or Chicken sandwich so when figuring the savings you need to compare it to the equivalent value meal. Prices vary from one place to the next so I’m not going to list the figures here but in my area the survey offer saves about $1.92 due to the built in savings of the Whopper value meal.

This is certainly not the ideal diet and I wouldn’t recommend a Whopper or Chicken sandwich to anyone with weight or health issues but if you are going to Burger King anyway there’s nothing wrong with keeping a little of that hard earned money in your pocket.


  • Try not to waste that savings on cheese, which is marked up to an insane level and not included in the survey offer.
  • You will need the restaurant store number to complete the survey which is printed on the front of the receipt and the top next to ‘Burger King’.
  • Funny: If you get in a hurry and press the button too early you will hear a message to please listen to the entire question before answering.
  • You do not have to give any personal information like your name, phone or even email.
  • You don’t actually speak with a live person, you simple press buttons for the appropriate answer.

Here’s the hard to read print on the back of the Burger King sales receipt here in my area:

One free WHOPPER® sandwich or Original Chicken sandwich with the purchase of small, medium, or large size drink and fries at regular price after completing our brief survey.

1. Call toll free 1-866-425-4745 anytime within 48 hours.
2. Complete survey and get validation code.
3. Write code here____________

Return this receipt to a participating BURGER KING® restaurant to receive offer. Food purchase required. Validated receipt good for one month from date of purchase.

Not valid with any other offer, including senior or value meal pricing. Not available to employees & their families. One survey per guest per month.