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Stop Feeling Guilty About Going Out To Eat With

Dining Out For LessToday this frugal blogger gave away a nice meal at a great restaurant – and I paid for it! I didn’t pay much though. No surprise there, right?

My youngest daughter is staying with us in Michigan with her husband and my grandson. I wanted to give them something before they go back to Texas in a couple of days and * fit the bill perfectly.

My oldest daughter turned me onto * a couple of months ago. I recently decided to become an affiliate once I became impressed with the huge savings. I can actually take my wife to a decent restaurant; buy so much food we have enough for lunch the next day almost as cheap as a trip to McDonald’s.

Here’s how it works. You log into * and pick out a restaurant in your area. Over 15,000 restaurants nationwide participate so the choice can be very nice in populated areas. You simply buy and print your certificate and take it with you whenever you decide to use it. You DO NOT have to choose a date at the time of purchase.

Here’s where it can seem confusing but it’s really not. Your certificate has a face value. Different restaurants have different offers but, for example, my daughter went to IHOP restaurant today with her family. Their bill came out to about $36.00 which included a built-in gratuity so no tip was necessary. She was obligated to spend at least $10 over and above the $25 discount the certificate provided. So for about $11 they were able to enjoy a $36.00 meal. Yes, I paid the $11. 🙂 Thursday my wife is taking her mother and sister to a nice Mexican restaurant using a $25 certificate.

One more thing you should know about * Once you sign up and get on their mailing list you begin receiving all kinds of cool promo offers. Those two examples I mentioned above? I paid $2 each for the $25 savings. That’s what I call A Real Discount! So give them a try. Go to * (yes, that’s my affiliate link) and stop feeling guilty about going out to eat every now and then. Thousand of popular restaurants. Fo

Free Whopper At Burger King In Exchange For A Phone Survey

Burger King Whopper and Chicken SandwichBurger has been offering the free Whopper survey for several years now. I actually blogged about it back then and I can’t believe it’s still available. The program has changed slightly but you can still save a little money by taking a short phone survey. The offer and survey information is printed on the back of the receipt whenever you purchase a menu item from the fast food restaurant.

You will need to purchase fries and a drink to get the free Whopper or Chicken sandwich so when figuring the savings you need to compare it to the equivalent value meal. Prices vary from one place to the next so I’m not going to list the figures here but in my area the survey offer saves about $1.92 due to the built in savings of the Whopper value meal.

This is certainly not the ideal diet and I wouldn’t recommend a Whopper or Chicken sandwich to anyone with weight or health issues but if you are going to Burger King anyway there’s nothing wrong with keeping a little of that hard earned money in your pocket.


  • Try not to waste that savings on cheese, which is marked up to an insane level and not included in the survey offer.
  • You will need the restaurant store number to complete the survey which is printed on the front of the receipt and the top next to ‘Burger King’.
  • Funny: If you get in a hurry and press the button too early you will hear a message to please listen to the entire question before answering.
  • You do not have to give any personal information like your name, phone or even email.
  • You don’t actually speak with a live person, you simple press buttons for the appropriate answer.

Here’s the hard to read print on the back of the Burger King sales receipt here in my area:

One free WHOPPER® sandwich or Original Chicken sandwich with the purchase of small, medium, or large size drink and fries at regular price after completing our brief survey.

1. Call toll free 1-866-425-4745 anytime within 48 hours.
2. Complete survey and get validation code.
3. Write code here____________

Return this receipt to a participating BURGER KING® restaurant to receive offer. Food purchase required. Validated receipt good for one month from date of purchase.

Not valid with any other offer, including senior or value meal pricing. Not available to employees & their families. One survey per guest per month.